In today’s world, most of the websites are built on WordPress. As per W3Techs, WordPress is used by 61.2% of all the websites whose content management system is known.

Here you can see the marketshare (As of September 2019) of WordPress compared to other CMS:

Source: W3Techs

Now the question is genuine Why??? Why only one CMS is using so widely and why the WordPress is most used CMS?

So, my dear friend, here is the answer for the same:

Open Source / Freeware

WordPress is a freeware software that you can use. Freeware means a software that you can use at zero cost and you don’t have to pay anything to use that.

WordPress is also open source which makes it more powerful and robust. Its developer community is very big. Most of its contributors are either students of all kind of universities or the professional developer. The Source code of WordPress is publicly available and if you want to contribute on the same, you can also do that. Isn’t sounds interesting? Well, it is. Although it is not that easy to work on the WordPress core, you can still contribute in different ways and we can discuss those ways later on.


In digital world it is very important to provide the regular updates of your software or application. These updates may contains the security patches, functionality updates, new features, performance and so on.

WordPress is very serious about the security and that is the main reason, it provide regular security updates. Resently WordPress provide major update and release the WordPress 5.x with the most in-demand content editor “Gutenberg”. Most users used the term “Block editor” compared to the “visual editor” that WordPress used before.


In WordPress, the word “Theme” is referred to as the skin or template on the website. If you have any idea about HTML, then you must know that the page created for the HTML website is called Template. But, here apart from the HTML template, theme consist of so many functionls that makes the theme robust and provide you multiple features or design elements.

As I mentioned above that WordPress has a very huge community of contributors, so because of those contributors WordPress it self provide you with a very huge theme library. You can choose any theme directly from the WordPress theme library. The most important factor here is, all the themes that are available in the WordPress community are easy to install. Within one click, you can add a new theme.

WordPress also provide the official themes as well and the latest Official WordPress theme is Twenty Nineteen. That by default comes with the latest version of the WordPress.


By default, wordpress itself does not provide you much functionality but it allows you to choose the functionality that you want in your website. So, the wordpress community will provide you almost all kind of plugins to fulfill almost all kind of your needs.


Compare to others, hosting a WordPress website is very cost effective and easy to available. Almost all the hosting providers provide you the option to host your WordPress website. If you don’t have much knowledge about hosting and managing the servers, there are so many hosting provides you the “Managed WordPress Hosting” as well.

Managed WordPress hosting is basically a feature provided by the hosting company where they provide you with an easy to use user interface that you can use to install your WordPress website. You can monitor the statistics, take the backup or even they provide you with an easy interface to migrate your website in just a few clicks.

Cost of Development

Since WordPress is most used CMS, the cost of the development is very low comparing to the cost of the development in other programming languages or CMS. The main reason behind that is it consumes less time then the other CMS takes. The wide range of themes and plugins also helps you to reduce the cost.

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