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Top 2 hotel website templates that will surprise you with the leads

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Hey Folks!

Yes you read it right, here in this article I am going to introduce you with Top 2 hotel website templates that will surprise you with the leads.

So, to begin with, you just have to make sure what kind of leads you are actually looking for. Their are many types of leads a hotel industry needs:

  1. Enquiries: Few hotel industries wants that so many people know about the hotel and they get the data of the visitors so that later they can re-use this data to promote their offers and services.
  2. Bookings: As we see that those who are targeting the enquiries that might have lots of data of the visitors of their websites. But it is not required that those who visit the websites are their actual or potential customer. It might be the spam entries as well. So, some hotel industries don’t want the quantities of the lead rather the quality of the leads. Here, quality refers to the actual bookings.

I would recommend you to choose the theme wisely so it will not only generates the trafic and enquiries but the actual bookings as well.

Suppose you have a wonderful website that looks pretty amazing but it’s UX is not designed in a way that will help the visitor to convert than it is completely useless.

So, it is most required that your website is designed in a way that will lead the user to generate the bookings.

So, here are the top 2 hotel website templates that you actually looking for:

1: Hotel Galaxy

Hotel Galaxy is a free hotel website theme for WordPress that have various features. This wordpress theme is specially designed for the hotel industries and which has all the feature that will help you to generate the leads. This theme is very clean and fully responsive that allows the user to view it via desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Key features of Hotel Galaxy theme:

2. Hotel Resort

Hotel Resort is a free wordpress theme for hotels, and resorts. This theme is responsive and having a very sharp color contras level. That is easily attract the visitor and highlight the call-to-actions that will lead the user to submit the details or help to generate the booking as soon they are convinced about the services.

Here are the key features of the Hotel Resort wordpress theme:

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1 year ago

Thanks It is really a nice article.

1 year ago

I was looking for a website template for a client in Toronto with a hotel business. I searched on Google and found that article which is really helpful.

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